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Photo:Daniel Villadsen&Knud Mortensen, Naturturisme
Biking, hiking, riding....fishing

With its 220 km. the Achipelago trail is one of Denmark's longest hiking trails. It winds and winds through a unique cultural landscape with beautiful natural areas, well-preserved castles and manor houses, villages and market towns.

The archipelago trail runs both along the coast and up the hilly landscape of Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge, where the different views of the archipelago are absolute highlights of the trip.

The archipelago trail is available all year round, whether you are for a quick hike for a couple of hours, a mini-holiday with luggage transport or a full week of hiking with a backpack.

The South Funen air is enjoyed with a view - and preferably in motion

Funen and the islands are called Bike Island - one of Northern Europe's best cycling destinations. The South Funen Archipelago is part of the 1200 kilometers of signposted cycle paths, which is an internationally recognized bicycle destination.

If your tire punctures, help is always close. In the South Funen Archipelago we have developed a local service concept where cyclists can get a drop of water and patch the bike. Look for 'the Bike Friends' red sticker at the local grocery store, cafe or lodging.

The N8 / Baltic Sea route is an 820 kilometer long cycle route that runs through southern Jutland, Funen and the islands as well as Lolland, Falster and Møn.

The route follows a bike-friendly road, and uniform signage with the small blue bicycle signs and a red octagon makes it easy to find your way.

The route can of course be divided into smaller trips and supplemented with local detours - such as the small islands in the archipelago.

Photo: Øhavsmuseet/ Ard Joungsma

Golf Vacation...

... in Funen - on one of Denmark's most beautiful golf courses...