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Photo:Svend Storm&Brian Schiødt Carlson

In Faaborg-Midtfyn you will find sights for everyone

The nature and the landscape in the area of Svanninge Hills were the inspiration for the famous Funen artists and continues to inspire today's artist on Funen. The art museum Faaborg Museum was created a hundred years ago by Mads Rasmussen, councillor of State and factory Owner.

The history of trade and commerce is shown in a former merchant's house in the street Holkegade near the Bell Tower. In the Jail Museum you will meet the history of crime, misery and escape.

The cultural history can be found in the Bell Tower and "Den Gamle Gaard" which together with the arrest and Kaleko Mill are part of the archipelago museum.

In the village of Nørre Lyndelse, you can visit the famous composer Carl Nielsen's childhood home.

Numerous manors and castles have throughout history been build in the area, where the most well-known and visited is the beautiful Egeskov Castle. In addition to this, you can also visit Japanese gardens, parks, ancient monuments, art, galleries, churches and buildings of historic interest.

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