Photo: Jørn Ungstrup

... on roads or in hills with family or friends ... without heavy luggage! From 1 June to 31 August 2022, luggage transportation on Fyn, Langeland and Ærø is free of charge and can be booked here.

... over hills and valleys - along the coast and by ferry to the islands...

South Funen and the archipelago are a dream destination for an active cycling holiday. Here you can explore flat stretches very close to the coast and hilly country roads that meander through fields, forests, idyllic villages and market towns. Or how about taking the bike on Island-Hop and feel the life on the many small islands.

You can find mountain biking tracks on South Funen. One in Svanninge Bakker and one in Pipstorn Forest. At Mid Funen you will find "The trail in Ringe", and at Ibjerg in the nature area Tarup-Davinde you will find an MTB track.

The 820 km long Baltic Sea route goes through Faaborg and It is teeming with well-signposted bicycle routes and local suggestions for bike rides. Maps can be purchased at the tourist office.

Try 'The Funen Mountain Route' over Svanninge Bakker, which takes you through sheer village idyll to magnificent viewpoints as Dronningeudsigten (the Queen's View) north of the village of Haastrup.

... The Baltic Sea Route N8 runs through Faaborg - Why not make a detour to the islands...

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En lille film om Faaborg!

Photo: Brian Schiødt Carlson