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Avernakø - a gem in the archipelago

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Enjoy Avernakø and the South Funen Archipelago by bike.

Avernakø is located in the South Funen Archipelago and is reached by the island ferry 'Ø-færgen' from Faaborg. The sailing time is 30 min or 70 min if the route goes via Lyø.

The island is approx. eight kilometers long. The well over 600 ha. houses approx. 100 permanent residents. The island's business is dominated by agriculture.

Initially, Avernakø consisted of two independent islands - Korshavn and Avernak, but in 1937 the two islands were connected by a dam called 'Drejet'.

Avernakø has an elongated shape with 19 km of shoreline with good beaches and fishing waters. There is a rich bird life and in some water holes it is possible to see and hear the rare bell frog.

Avernakø is known for its Mai tree and Mai rod, which can be seen in Avernak and Munke. Once a year, Pentecost Saturday, residents gather around the tree. In addition to Strynø, the may tree is only found on Avernakø.

In 1685, one of the island's most exquisite ancient finds was made in the form of 6 gold bowls with sun signs. The finds can be found today at the National Museum. Copies can be seen at Avernakø Church.

Remember the swim trunks - or a fishing rod. The water and the coast for are both ...


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Longitude: 10.274963

Latitude: 55.020937