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Svelmø - a private little gem in the archipelago

Photo: Brian Schiødt Carlson

Svelmø, a cozy little private gem - on foot or on a tractor barn

Svelmø is one of South Funen's most beautiful private islands. Groups have the opportunity to go on a trip to Svelmø, where there is a rich bird life and a very beautiful nature.

The ride on the back of a tractor starts at the end of Østergyden, south of the village of Åstrup. From here you will be driven the 500 meters by Ebbevej to Lille Svelmø and on to Store Svelmø.

Little Svelmø is a 2.5 km long narrow panhandle that is constantly changing depending on the wind and weather. Over the last several years it has grown every winter with new sand deposits. Now in the middle of the island a large sea island is formed called the lagoon. Thousands of birds gather in the winter.

The islands are moraine, but drag and flipped headlands connect them today.

If you visit the island on your own by wading through the ebbevej, it is only allowed to walk along the coast.

Svelmø - The secret island of the South Funen Archipelago

Photo: Brian Schiødt Carlson


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Longitude: 10.329895

Latitude: 55.040024