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Bjørnø - a gem in the archipelago

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Enjoy the view of the South Funen Archipelago on the small car-free island.

Bjørnø is located in the South Funen Archipelago 3.5 km south of Faaborg with approx. 40 permanent residents.

The island is approx. three kilometers. long. The trip from Faaborg with the small ferry Lillebjørn lasts 17 min.

Bjørnø is just 150 hectares in size, so you can stroll around the coast in a couple of hours. The trip offers flat beach meadows with a rich bird life and high cliffs with the most beautiful views into Faaborg, Funen, Svanninge Bakker and neighboring islands in the South Funen Archipelago. There are living fences, stone walls and - in the small village - beautiful old half-timbered farms.

The water around Bjørnø attracts both anglers and bathers. There is no actual port on Bjørnø, but a jetty with 10 seats. Bjørnø is very hilly with a peak of 24 meters above sea level. A large number of duck and waders breed on the Strandengene and in the marsh in the middle of the island.

At Bjørnø you can also meet the rare and protected green paved beach toads.

Molekaffe (pier coffee)- enjoy it in the evening on the island without bears.

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Stay on the islands - Bjørnø

Photo: Daniel Villadsen


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Longitude: 10.256023

Latitude: 55.062084

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