Island Hopping in the South Funen Archipelago

Photo: Jørn Ungstrup

Hop between the islands in the South Funen Archipelago - and make your own little cruise.

Please plan ahead!

From late June, when 'Island Hopping' between the islands typically starts, until the last connection with the Sea Hawk ends at the beginning of August, there is run on! You can book your island hop on the page Ø, and we would definitely recommend that you do away from home, as the catamaran only carries 12 passengers and can therefore be sold out in a jiffi.

Of course, you can always - all year round - visit the islands from either Faaborg, Svendborg or Rudkøbing.


Lyø with the Bell Stone and the village with the five ponds. The island is one of the most beautiful in the South Funen Archipelago, so if you take it by bicycle, by car, on horseback or on foot, you will have a wonderful experience. I would choose on foot.


Avernakø is eight kilometers long and therefore suited for a bike ride. For anglers, the island should also be an Eldorado, as there are good opportun...


The beautiful little island Bjørnø, so small that it has no cars. On the other hand, you might be lucky enough to have a cup of 'molekaffe' with the i...

Stay on the isles

Island hopping is very popular and you will find lovely accommodation on both Lyø, Avernakø and Bjørnø. Holiday apartments, bed and breakfasts, hotels...

Rent a bike

If you decide not to bring your own bike with you on holiday, you can rent bicycles. Both regular women's and men's bikes, city bikes MTB / mountain b...