Photo: Knud Mortensen, Naturturisme

With its 220 km. the Archipelago trail is one of Denmark's longest hiking trails. It winds its way through a unique cultural landscape with beautiful natural areas, well-preserved castles and mansions, villages and market towns.

..to be able to hike in an ice age landscape with hills, deep valleys and large forests...

The Archipelago hiking trail runs along the coast and through hilly landscapes, often with wonderful views of the Archipelago. The trail is accessible all year round, whether for shorter walks, a short vacation or a whole week of hiking with a backpack.

If you prefer to plan your hiking holiday in advance, you can book a hiking holiday on the homepage Undervejs (Out and About), which offers several overnight trips in South Funen.

You can also visit Worres Outdoor, which offers hiking holidays on South Funen and the islands, kayaking courses, knitting trips and campfire meals.

In many places on the archipelago trail the view is fantastic. Here is the view to the village of Svanninge and the South Funen Archipelago.

Orienteringsløb Svanninge Bakker

Svanninge Bakker is also known as the South Funen Alps - great for a coffee break, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and so much more.

Låge til Lerbjerg Svanninge Bjerge

Svanninge Bjerge is the area east of Odensevej, seen from Faaborg. From Lerbjerg you have a nice view of the archipelago and South Funen.

Kløverstierne fra Svanninge

You can catch the clover paths in Svanninge village at the church. There are four hiking trails of different lengths, one of which goes up in Svanninge Bakker and Faaborg Golf Course.

Ibjerg sø Tarup Davinde Find vej skilt

The Tarup-Davinde nature area is not only for hiking, but also fishing, swimming, overnighting, bonfire fun, kayaking and much more.

Gravplads Pipstorn Skov

For more than 4000 years there has been a burial ground in Pipstorn. Now you will find hiking and MTB trails, shelters, playground, beautiful view from Lucienhøj with tables-bench sets and more.