• The Archipelago Trail

    Follow the Archipelago Trail to experience a varied walking tour all the way around the South Funen Archiplago.
    27,00 EUR Book
  • Cycle map – FUNEN

    The map is the most up to date cycle map of Funen. Scale: 1:100,000
    20,00 EUR Book
  • 117 Fine Fishing Spots

    Fyn and the isles offer kilometre upon kilometre of coast just made for sea trout and sea trout angelers.
    27,00 EUR Book
  • Veteran train trip Faaborg-Korinth

    Travel through time by train. Experience what it was like to travel by train in the 1950’s with Syd Fynenske Veteranjernbane
    From 12,00 EUR Book
Faaborg Havn

The South Funen Archipelago!

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down: South Funen and the islands offer a wealth of experiences. On land or sea, in the hills or in town, on islands both big and small, above or even...

Faaborg town

Faaborg is idyllic and with hollihocks! Shopping and attractions...

The city name “Foburgh” which is believed to mean “the castle of the fox”, is mentioned for the first time in the year 1229, where King Valdemar the victorious presented Faaborg as a gift to his...