Autumn Events in September, October, November - Including the first Christmas Markets !

Vesterport | Middle Age | City Gate | Faaborg

Autumn is coziness and hot cocoa!

The beautiful Autumn colors gives your walk in the forest and hills north of Faaborg an extra dimension. You will find the starting point of the Archipelago trail at Faldsled Harbor - also called the "Love Path".
The "Arrest" museum is closed during the winter, but Faaborg Museum is open and well worth a visit. Christmas markets come as pearls on a string from early November.

... every year during the fall holidays, these sights are open - and we leave them here for your planning...

... overlooking the market town, hills and archipelago - and children with colors and paper ...

The Faaborg Bell Towner | Denmark
Kunstmuseet Faaborg Museum børn tegner

The Egeskov Christmas Market 2020 - cancelled

Funen & Denmark...

... and a string of experiences during the autumn holidays!

Bridgewalking | Lillebælt | Forslag | Efterårsferien | Fyn

Fyn - Funen...

Dragefestival | Vesterhavet

... and Denmark