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Attractions, sights and nature experiences - for kids!

The Prison Museum

NB! BASED ON COVID19 "ARRESTEN" IS CLOSED UNTIL MAY 15, 2020 Come in to break out Visit the arrest and learn about justice an...

The Belfry in Faaborg

In the middle of Faaborg, a bell tower stands back from the city's first church, Skt. Nikolaj church. The church from approx. 1250 was demolished afte...

Faaborg Minitown

Welcome to Faaborg MiniTown. We are working on an english version of our website, and therefore you can only get this introduction page at the moment....

Kaleko Watermill

South Funen idyll on the water mill In the beautiful and hilly south Funen countryside is Kaleko Mill, which is an old watermill with roots dating ba...

Veteran train trip Faaborg-Korinth

Travel through time by train Experience what it was like to travel by train in the 1950’s with Syd Fynenske Veteranjernbane. The trip from Faaborg to...

Pat a fish, information center

Faaborg Harbour has a lot to offer families. You will have the oppornity to explore a new informatiion centre, which tells you about fishery and the f...

Egeskov - the most beautiful garden and Park

Egeskov - The Living Castle in Funen   Egeskov is no ordinary castle – it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, s...

Forum Faaborg

The Swimming Bath has many facilities and is situated near the town centre. Opening hours and prices - see homepage,

Hudevad Smedje/Smithy

Hudevad Smedje Visit the working smithy. There is fire in the forge, the sound of hammer against anvil rings out, and the blacksmiths tell stories of the olden days. the smithy in hudevad is a unique piece of culture, from the time when the art of the blacksmith was replaced by industry. ...

Gærup School Museum

Gærup School Museum Gærup School Museum was started in 1975 in association with the Museum of the Diocese of Fünen (Fyns Stiftsmuseum), which gladly handed over a collection of effects, along with several posters from an exhibition at Fyns Stiftsmuseum. These items originally came from Gær...

Ice Cream Bars

A waffle ice cream with or without "Guf". And with or without jam. Soft ice with chocolate drizzle - or just one ball of vanilla ice cream. An ice cream café is always nice to visit. It smells so wonderfully of freshly baked waffles.


We have listed some of our playgrounds i Faaborg below

Playground at Vestkaj

The playground at Faaborg Harbour is located right at Faaborg Røgeri Café. For the adults, there is nice parking space next to the playground.

Playground - Faaborg Marina

In addition to the playground, there is also good conditions for lunch at Faaborg Marina. Tables-bench sets, a pavilion and stairs down to the water.

Hans Rasmussens Have - playground

Nature together with the Faaborg painters are important elements of the new play and activity place in Hans Rasmussen's Garden. The Faaborg painters' ...

Playground - Klinten

Small cozy playground with nice sea view at Klinten Strand in Faaborg. There is a park, toilet, barbecue facilities, tables and benches next door.

Nature play ground

The Natural playground Troldeland consists of several parts: 1. Elfland for 3 to 6 year olds 2. Troll Country for 6 - 10 year olds 3. Cave Land, h...

Pipstorn Forest - playground

Welcome -There was a “graveyard” here in Pipstorn for more than 4,000 years. Afterwards the woods encroached. And today, Pipstorn is a mixture of anci...

Iron Age Playground in Ringe

The Iron Age has moved into the playground at Ringe Sø South of Ringe Lake, a living area with playground equipment, a longhouse with tables and benc...

Play ground in Brobyværk

Cozy playground located right by Brobyværk Inn with many different play equipment, tables and benches.

Family friendly beaches

There are several beaches along the south Funen coast, and you can get a leaflet with descriptions of the beaches at Faaborg Tourist Office

Beaches and Harbour Bath!

Photo: Jørn Ungstrup