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Svelmø - The archipelago's hidden gem

Svelmø is one of the archipelago's hidden gems, offering rich wildlife, beautiful nature and a special tranquillity. There is no ferry service across to the small island, so you'll need to roll up your trousers or pull on your wellies to get across to Svelmø. You'll need to start by walking about 500 metres via the ebb road to Lille Svelmø. Then follow the 1.5 kilometre long isthmus that connects to Store Svelmø.

The island is ruled by Jan, who runs guided tours on the island during the summer, where guests are driven to and from the island on a tractor-drawn lorry. Afterwards, you'll be treated to either Jan's home-caught fish or steak from his own farm and freshly dug potatoes. The tour must be booked from home - Tour with the Svelmø Express]