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Gallery Skitsehandlen

An exhibition venue and webshop for artist sketches, studies and drawings. Art historian Theis Vallø Madsen founded Galleri in 2017 and opened the exhibition site in Faaborg the following year. In 2019 we moved to new and larger premises in the square in Faaborg, where we have space for special exhibitions, events, lectures and - last but not least - sketches of older and new artists.

The webshop is constantly updated with new sketches that are checked, described and photographed. Older sketches and drawings are checked by a paper conservator, which is framed with acid-free material and in high-quality frames. Particularly valuable sketches and drawings can also be delivered in frames with museum glass. It is very important to preserve the spontaneity of the sketch! Each sketch is only available in one copy, which is why we are very proud to deliver the work in the best possible condition.

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