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Culture evening in Faaborg - Bell Tower


08.05 Carillon from the Tower: The Angel of Light Walks with Glory

09.00 The flags are set from the Lantern of the Bell Tower

10.03 Carillon from the Tower: Beautiful Maiden Goes to the Dance

12.05 Carillon from the Tower: He comes with summer, he comes with sun

14.03 Carillon from the Tower : See My Dress

16.05 Carillion from the Tower : I love the motley world.

17.00 -18.45 The Bell Tower opens with an opening at this summer's art exhibition: The artist couple Michael Larsen and Anna Siek, Horne exhibit drawings, oil and watercolour paintings, and Johanna S. Bonde from "Pippaluk" in Mellemgade Faaborg exhibit knitwear

18.05 Carillon from the Tower: An adorable and joyful summer time

20.03 Carillon from the Tower : Summer Suite (Denmark now blunder, In the shadow we vanke)

20.15 1/2 hour story by ex. parish priest Einar Fog-Nielsen: "The importance of the bell tower for Faaborg over the last 500 years".

21.03 Carillon from the Tower: Now rests field and meadows

22.05 Carillon from the Tower: The night is so quiet

22.10 The Bell Tower closes and the flags from the Tower's lantern are taken down.

23.03 Carillon from the Tower: Peace rests over country and city.

Admission to the Clock Tower is free from 17:00 to 22:00