Visit Ringe and the middle of Funen!

Midtfyn, Ringe and Tarup-Davinde 
A whole variety of experiences await you in the middle of Funen. You can visit the old village Brobyværk and see “Sdr. Broby Watermill”, Sdr. Broby church with the altarpiece of Sonia Brandes and the Manor House “Brobygaard” in the west, the merchants and industrial town Ringe in the east and the wonderful natural resort of “Tarup-Davinde” in the north-eastern part of the municipal. 
The Town of Ringe
The merchant town of Ringe, situated at the motorway between Odense and Svendborg, offers a broad variety of interesting shops and exciting activities throughout the year. Find more information about Ringe Shopping, and at the Midtfyns Fritidscenter, Søvej 34,  
Ringe Museum
Ringe Museum, situated in the middle of the town, displays the area’s past in relation to the surrounding world as well as the everyday life of the local population. In the village of Ryslinge, situated to the east of Ringe, you will find the Nazareth church which is worth a visit due to its beautiful woodcarvings and metal work.
Carl Nielsen
The world-famous composer was born on the 9th of June, 1865. In the village of Nr. Lyndelse one can visit the childhood home of the famous composer and get an insight to his childhood background – a home full of music. In Odense, you can visit a museum dedicated to the composer and his wife, Anne Marie Carl Nielsen, a famous sculptor.
The smithy museum “Hudevad Smedjemuseum” has been renovated in 2009. In the museum, containing workshops where you may try out the hammer and forge the glowing iron, the story about the "Hudevad Radiator Factory", the village of Hudevad and the smithy itself are displayed. Countless numbers of lakes have emerged after many years of extracting gravel and have turned the area of Tarup-Davinde into today’s recreational area. Here, one can bathe, fish, take a trip with a canoe, walk, find fossils, camp in shelters, make bonfires to mention a few things. You can also visit the camp at the nature school “Naturskolen Åløkkestedet” and learn about the geology, history and the outdoor life of the area. A pamphlet about the area Tarup-Davinde is available at the Tourist Office in Faaborg.

Faaborg-Midtfyns Kommune - Municipality
Tinghøj Allé 2, 5750 Ringe, Phone 72 53 05 30,, 

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