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Active holiday - Mountains, hills, hiking and playing
The Hills of "Svanninge bakker and Bjerge"
Just north of Faaborg you will find one of the most interesting natural resorts on Funen, the hills of Svanninge Bakker and Svanninge Bjerge. The beautiful area is because of its spectucular birth during the ice age one of Denmark´s interesting geological areas. Climb hills -

Outdoor Sydfyn - Faaborg-Midtfyns Kommune,,

The Archipelago Trail
From Faldsled in the west, Langeland ind the east and Ærø due south - a signposted trail surrounds The Southfunen Archipelago and with its 220 km it is one of Denmark´s longest hiking trails, also known as the Archipelago Trail. The maps are available at the Faaborg Tourist Office and you can find more information at www.detsydf...

Paths and Tracks
The versatile and varied landscape offers great nature experiences and is easily accessible by a larger number of pathe and tracks. Free information material about the paths and tracks of the area is avaiable at the Tourist Office in Faaborg.


Nature Playground
At “Svanninge Bjerge” you can enjoy a nature experience out of the ordinary. Denmark´s biggest nature playground offers active playing for children as well as for adults. The nature playground is full of challenges that can be enjoyed free of charge every day, all year round. You can also enjoy a picnic at the benches and tables provided. From Faaborg please follow main road No 8 towards Nyborg approx. 2 km. Then turn left and take the road “Rallebæksgyden”.
Bike routes
Useful tips about the various routes of the area are provided by the bike maps as well as the guide describing the official bike routes, which are marked by blue signs. Faaborg Tourist Office has published a local map describing 8 theme routes running through the municipal. Both maps are available at the Tourist Office in Faaborg.
Kiss the Frog
Go and explore nature. Kiss the Frog is a family activity that offers fun and exciting experiences in nature. Visit the mill “Trente Mølle” and borrow the equipment necessary to explore ponds, ditches and forests. Please get more information at 

Enjoy an adventure in the South Funen Archipelago

Weather the sun is shining or the rain pouring down: South Funen and the islands offer a wealth of experiences. On land or sea, in the hills or in town, on islands both big and small, above or even below sea-level. In this brochure we have gathered together some of the finest experiences on offer. You can find something for children and something for adults, something for groups and masses for the whole family. Read more about the various activities in the South Funen Archipelago:

Riderute Sydfyn - riding track

Riderute Sydfyn is a unique horseback riding track of 75km laid through some of the most beautiful imaginable landscape formed in the Ica Age. There are hills and mountains, large woods by manors and beautiful views over the unique glacial landscape, the archipelago of South Funen. There are plenty of opportunities for lovely trips, regardless of preference of riding tracks, on narrow paths or wider ways in the forests. Riderute Sydfyn is privately owned and is managed commonly by the landowners who have made their lands avaiable for the tracks.

The payment of the riding certificates goes directly to this vast project such as the maintenance and the securing of the riding conditions, publishing of the manuals for the riding track, maintenance and renewal of the signs on the track as well as operation of the website with the information of the track. On the website, you will also find more suggestions for day trips and further information regarding hay hotels. There are several great options for different riding certificates - whether you will purchase a certificate for a whole year or just for a couple of days. The price per day will be lower the longer period the certificate is valid. - Højrupgaard Islænder riding, Østrup Tour riding

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