Archipelago trail and other walking routes

The Archipelago trail is one of Denmark's longest hiking routes with its 220 km. Large sections of the trail run along the coast - or up in the hills, from which there is a fantastic view over the archipelago. The path can be taken in stages. You can wander on the Archipelago trail all year round.

The Funen Alps – Svanninge Bakker (Hills) and Mountains
The nature area is covered by hills, deep valleys and large forests. The original natural landscape with mosses, exaggerated and heathered slopes was a favorite motif for the Funen painters. The many trails that wind through the area invite you to hiking and mountain biking. There are many signposted routes.

The Archipelago Trail, video

220 Km. A walking tour of the South Fyn Archipelago, going through the old market town of Faaborg, the city of Svendborg and crossing the islands of Langeland and Ærø.

  • The Archipelago Trail

    Follow the Archipelago Trail to experience a varied walking tour all the way around the South Funen Archiplago.
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