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"With Steensgaard we want to create a place that restores the connection between people and the food we eat. Steensgaard is about good food, fresh produce and seeing our food in the eyes. "Ann Wiesinger, owner of Steensgaard.

Enjoy top quality meat from our happy animals.
All our flesh is from our own organic animals, living a free outside on Steensgaard's fields, slaughtered in the farm in our own slaughterhouse and processed by our skilled craftsmen.

We educate future food craftsmen.
Do you have a desire to get even closer to the raw materials and craftsmanship? Then try our food crafts courses ranging from the kitchen garden to the slaughterhouse when they are launched in the first part of 2019.

100% honest, authentic and organic.
Everything we do at Steensgaard is 100% organic and handmade on the cleanest produce from the farm based on high animal welfare, proud food crafts traditions and great respect for nature.

Organic and handmade.
No artificial additives.

Only clean fresh produce from the farm. Crafts when it's best. Fresh meat from our ecological outdoor pigs, cattle and lamb. All our animals are slaughtered in the farm in our own slaughterhouse and hatchery afterwards in the maturing cellar. Handmade sausages of lamb, beef and pork - fresh or pre-cooked. All our sausages are handmade on old butchery traditions without the use of artificial additives and binders. Handmade charcuterie and toppings of the highest quality. Made by our skilled craftsmen and matured for up to two years in our underground courtyard cellar.

Freshly harvested crops from our large, organic vegetable garden.
In the garden we work with many old Nordic varieties and cultivate everything from edible flowers and leafy green to pumpkin and cabbage in all varieties.