Lilac days on South Funen - Open Gardens

Landscape garden in Lilac-country - In connection with the South Funen lilac days, the garden is opened again this year at Ellebjerg north of Svanninge Bakker. The garden is located in the middle of the country of lilacs and is an obvious stop on a drive, bike or walk in the area. A small indoor cafe serves coffee, cake and acid products, so there is the opportunity to smell and taste lilacs. In a small nursery and shop, lilac plants and acid souvenirs can be acquired. The garden is a 35,000 m2 large landscape / forest garden with old trees, stone walls, new plants and vineyards. Dogs on a leash are welcome.

Horseballevej no. 11, Ny Stenderup, 5600 Faaborg. Admission costs DKK 20. Open on the 16th-23rd. May at. 10-16.

Lena and Lars at Horseballevej 26, open their garden for visitors. The garden is 2500 m2 and the starting point is a traditional agricultural garden and yet much more than that! There will be the opportunity to buy Pulled Pork hot days from Sommerlund, beer and must from local brewery, sale of flowers, etc.

Horseballevej no. 26, Ny Stenderup, 5600 Faaborg. Open the 17th-19th. May at. 10-16.

Horse drawn carriage ride
You can drive by horse-drawn carriage on Saturday and Sunday. There will be three departures every day at. 10.30, 12.00 and 13.30. The price will be DKK 100 per adult and DKK 75 for children according with adults. There is room for 5 persons per trip. Departure from Horseballevej 7, Ny Stenderup. The trip lasts about one hour - the route is not finally fixed - but it either goes to Gl. Stenderup or out to the Queen's View.