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Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home - kopi

Scenes from a marriage
It is a loving and well-known but also gender-politically different story about the marriage of the time, when the performance Reach Me Your Hand about the sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen and her husband the composer Carl Nielsen opens up to the audience. Denmark's perhaps best narrator Maria Junghans tells vividly about the couple, who strung out between art and love try to live out the ambitions to create sublime art while preserving marriage.
Carl is at home with the children
At a time when few women work outside the home, carl has to stay with the children while Anne Marie travels away for months to execute her art to perfection. She will not give up her art, he will not abandon her.
Music seduces
Carl Nielsen's music weaves itself into the narrative - and in the space between music and words, the audience and the performers, a very special intimacy and presence arises, which gives the audience an experience of being part of the story. The music is set by flautist Karolina Leedo and guitarist Mikkel Egelund both highly educated musicians with careers as soloists and chamber musicians on the Danish and international stages.
Changeable Narrative
The narrative concert is created by Maria Junghans, who with an intellectual, as well as sensuous, research of the artist couple's lives and works creates a narrative that puts their story in relation to the present, and the human questions that require answers. A story that changes, leaves new marks and opens up new realizations every time she tells it.
Podcast series
The trio has received support from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Scholarship to further develop the story in 10 podcasts and take it on tour to ten relevant places in Denmark, of which Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home is one.
Tuesday, May 24, 7-9 p.m.
Carl Nielsen's Childhood Home, Odensevej 2 A, Nr. Lyndelse, 5792 Årslev
Admission Free
The performance is supported by Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen's Scholarship.
Contact: Ida-Marie Vorre, curator, 21 15 50 06 or