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TADAA rent a car

Time to discover Faaborg and surroundings.

TADAA! Book a car whenever you need it

How it works

  1. Download the app TADAA!Car (App Store / Google Play)
  2. Unlock the car using your smartphone
  3. Drive
  4. Return the car where you took it
  5. Connect the car with the charging station
  6. See you again soon

Price for renting

30.00 DKK per half hour

495.00 DKK for a daytrip

You will find the car on the parking space opposite the Hotel Færgegaarden - next to the bank Jyske Bank. A sign will show you how to enter the car.

The TADDA customer service team is ready to help you – and you are welcome to call (+45) 41 200 700